The Atlantic Transnational Network meeting in Bayonne

After the seminary organized last March in Bordeaux with representants of the European Commission, the Atlantic Transnational Network (ATN) constitued of various French, Spanish and Portuguese partners of the civil society’s socioprofesional representatives from the atlantic area met again in Bayonne (Aquitaine).
Last October 24th, the Orientations Committee of the Atlantic Transnational Network (ATN) in which participated representants of the Economic and Social Councils of Brittany, Pays-de-Loire, Poitou-Charentes, Aquitaine and the Economic and Social Councils of the autonomous Community of the Basque country, Galicia and the Canarian Islands, pursued its reflections in order to actualize its founding charter, to extand enlarge the network mobilizing new partners in Portugal, in Ireland and on British islands. The updating of its recent works concerning the renewable marine energies, the European Transport network and the ports was also decided.

This Orientations Committee also permited to audition Mr. Luis Miguel PARIZA, writer of a future notice of the European Economic and Social Council on ” a macro-regional strategy for the Atlantic area “. This one showed a real attention on the contribution of the ATN, as organized representation of the civil society of the concerned regions, allowing to feed the notice which it is preparing.

This attention expressed by the Maritime Affairs and Fisheries DG of the European Commission to associate the ATN among the stakeholder in the elaboration of an Atlantic maritime strategy of which first version will be presented in Lisbon at the end of November.